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FEE: Preparation of (PPM) Private Placement Memorandum

The fee is $3,600 paid in two equal payments.

The first payment is $1,800 and the second and final payment of $1,800 is due when the documents are ready.

To accept funds from investors, you need:

Private Placement Offering Memorandum: This document is given to the investor and will include your business plan as an addendum. The investor gets to keep the PPM whether they invest or not.

Subscription Agreement: This document the investor signs and returns to you with their investment check. It also acts as a receipt and proof that you gave the investor the Offering Documents.

Operating Agreement (if organized as an LLC): The investor signs the Operating Agreement and returns it to you with the Subscription Agreement and their check.

Accredited Investor Questionnaire: The investor’s answers to these questions will allow you to classify the investor as either an “accredited or non-accredited investor”.

$3,600 PPM Preparation Includes – (There are no additional or hidden charges)

  • Private Placement Offering Memorandum (60 – 65 pages)
  • Subscription Agreement (20 – 22 pages)
  • Investor Questionnaire (1 page)
  • Operating Agreement (if LLC  17 – 20 pages)


 A Business Plan is not included and must be provided by the client.

PPM Preparation Process:

There is a great deal of critical information that needs to be decided for inclusion in the PPM. To help you decide what benefits you will offer investors I provide you with a list of “talking points”. Over 3 to 5 telephone conferences we discuss these topics and I explain the pros and cons of each of your various options. All your decisions feed directly back to successfully bring investors to the website and then close the investors. Once you are satisfied with your decisions we create the PPM documents. At that point, you have a full understanding of what you are offering your investors and why.


 Preparation time: 

10 – 14 business days from when the client finalizes all the information to be included in the PPM. Payment Information – work begins the next day after receipt of 1st payment.


1st Payment: $1,800

2nd Payment: $1,800 – Due when documents are completed.

 Payment details:


Credit Cards:

If you wish to pay by credit card, advise me and you will receive by separate email an invoice that you can pay by credit card. Just click on the link in the email to finance the invoice or to pay.


Financing: When you go to pay by credit card you will be given the option to finance the invoice. If the loan is paid in full within 6 months there is no interest charged.


We accept all major credit cards.

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