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The majority of business plans we receive tend to have a number of deficiencies. This is important because the business plan will become an exhibit of the (PPM) Private Placement Memorandum and carries with it responsibility and a level of liability. Generally, part of the problem is the author of the plan does not have sufficient experience to know what needs to be included in the plan to get a positive yes from the investor. There are many other issues that we look for including language which is unsuitable or information that is necessary to be included but is not. Another issue we commonly find is either no exit strategy or the exit strategy is improper.  Finally, we are always concerned that the content of the business plan doesn’t conflict with the information and content of the (PPM) Private Placement Memorandum. Our review of the business plan allows the opportunity to identify and correct the deficiencies before you begin discussions with a potential investor. We perform the critique simultaneously with the preparation of the PPM and other documents. You only get one shot at the investor – once you get a NO it is too late to fix it and go back.

A recommendation for you to save money is to purchase the Live Plan Online Business Plan Software at https://www.liveplan.com/ – (Note: We are not compensated for this recommendation.) This is an excellent resource that will ask you all the right questions. Once you worked through the program all the right informational questions will have been asked and answered. This is much less expensive than hiring us to review and critique the plan. Our charge is $1,350. It is not uncommon for us to put in greater than 10 hours into a critique. Use Live Plan and only come to us if you feel it is necessary.

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