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For Raising Capital

PPM – Private Placement Offering Memorandum

35 Plus Years of WALL STREET Experience

Creating a Real Estate Fund

The Advantages to Real Estate Brokers/Agents of Creating a $5,000,000 Real Estate Fund. You control the decisions as to what to purchase, when to purchase and when to sell. Read More….

Finding Investors

Finder Fee: Federal Securities Law prohibits you from paying a finder’s fee to anyone who is not a broker-dealer or employed by a broker-dealer for the purpose of raising capital for your Offering.

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Creating a PPM – Private Placement Memorandum

Creating a PPM – Private Placement Memorandum Federal Regulatory Compliance
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Business Plan Critique

The majority of business plans we receive tend to have a number of deficiencies and issues. This is important because the business plan will become an addendumto the (PPM)…
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FEE Schedule

The fee is $3,600 paid in two equal payments.

The first payment is $1,800 and the second and final payment of $1,800 is due when the documents are ready.
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